Simon Taylor is a filmmaker and artist, who has specialised in working
in politically and socially complex or compromised environments. His
last documentary film was licensed by BBC Knowledge, South African
Airways (In-flight entertainment) and the South African Broadcasting
Corporation (SABC). His films have been funded by the South African
National Film and Video Foundation, who have supported a number of his
projects. Simon received an emerging producers’ scholarship to attend
the World Congress of Science and Factual Producing in 2010 and a
scholarship to attend the EAVE Film Financing Forum in Luxembourg
2011.  He holds two university degrees in political sciences. Simon
has shot films in Ethiopia, South Africa, The Philippines, Zimbabwe
and Mozambique.

Over the last 15 years he has developed a firm
understanding of the workings of the film finance, development and
production spaces and created independent films from idea, through
script development to raising finance internationally, to production
and managing sales and distribution partnerships. The experiential
short film journey is his speciality and generally what attracts his
clients who have included Al Jazeera, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,
FOX, The Heinrich Boll foundation, The University of Cape Town and
Global Integrity.